Understanding A9: Basics of Amazon Ranking

April 26, 2017|by  brett.admin|no comments

A9 is a separate entity from Amazon that engineers the search algorithm in order to rank product listings. Understanding these ranking parameters could be the deciding factor of your product’s visibility.

That might be simple and common sense, but we have worked with many sellers that are oblivious to the algorithm’s ranking procedures.

Most sellers will tell you, that sales and on-page keywords are the only things that significantly affect ranking. That is a misconception, and they are missing out on many other ways to optimize search visibility!


One thing you should understand first, is that when someone goes to search for a product to buy, they are using Amazon. More and more people every year are going to Amazon’s search rather than google. Not only that, but Amazon took over half of all E-Commerce growth on the internet in 2016!

Introduction to A9: Amazon’s Search Engine

Before you even search anything, A9 has done the hard part of categorizing products by their relevance and traffic patterns. The power of this may be subtle, but let me explain.

A9 uses human judgments, programmatic analysis, key business metrics and performance metrics to determine not just relevance of the search term, but what relevant means to the CUSTOMER.

Its much simpler to rank on Amazon rather than google because of this. There are virtually none off-page SEO techniques you will have to use, to rank on Amazon. Amazon tracks everything a customer does on the site, and A9’s job is to use that data to produce the highest possible revenue per customer.


Sales Rank

Customer Reviews

Answered Questions

Image Size & Quality


Time on Page & Bounce Rate

Product Listing Completeness


Features / Bullet Points

Product Description

Brand & Manufacturer Part #


Category & Sub-Category

Back-end Search terms

Source Keyword

Negative Seller Feedback

Order Processing Speed

In-Stock Rate

Perfect Order Percentage

Order Defect Rate

Exit Rate

Packaging Options

As you can see, you cannot rank without going the extra mile and making sure everything is optimized and done with care.

If you are doing the extra work, like all of these ranking factors, but still are not ranking, you definitely need our service to get some real traffic to your listing. Show Amazon you have a hot product!