We have picked out the most common questions asked while offering this service

What exactly do you do? It seems too good to be true...

We employ many REAL people who are interested in your product and will engage on the listing. We can’t tell you our exact method, but we are a highly skilled team that ranks your product naturally. None of our clients, nor ourselves (we use these methods on our own listings) have ever been suspended, blacklisted, or contacted by amazon.

Is it safe?

All of our techniques are employed by a system that reads as “natural” to the amazon algorithm. We do not use IP cloaking, proxies, VPN, fake accounts. We employ real people, trusted people, to do our jobs that will rank your listing. In fact, when the algorithm goes through and finds your listing, it ranks you because what we have done is 100% by the terms of service using real people on our highly trained team to rank you.
This is natural, 100% white hat, and when amazon looks at your listing it looks 100% natural because it is.
We understand your business is important to you, we personally sell on amazon as well, and we would not do anything to your own listing that we would not do to our own.

How long will it take for the product to be ranked?

Depending on the product and keyword competition, ranking could take up to 30 days to achieve page 1. However, we usually achieve results within 10 days for most keywords. We employ our method slowly, there is no rush, we’re not trying to get you there over night. 7-10 days is the average time it takes and we do this slowly and carefully. Amazons algorithm updates every 2-3 days and usually it takes 2-3 cycles (which is where the 7-10 days comes in) for the listing to be picked as a potential hot seller and rank.

Do you need access to my seller central account?


How about Top 5 ranking?

We have never failed to just get a product to page 1, we always achieve top 10 or higher and usually top 5 as well (excluding sponsored spots). If you are looking for a top 10 or top 5 spot, please consult with us before payment. After analyzing competition and the listing, we can be assured of the price and possibility. In our experience, the work needed to do is about the same. We have always refunded clients money if it takes less time/cost.

Is there a cost to maintain ranking?

The cost to maintain is usually $149 per month. You might need maintenance once a year, a few times a year, or every couple of months, it just depends on the keyword and competition.

Will we need to edit our listing when ranking?

We always recommend you change your back end admin keywords to include the keyword we are shooting for. It is also helpful if you can place the keyword in the title, but this is not necessary and is voluntary.

Does it work with first time listings?

Yes, it just seems to take a little bit longer for newer listings.

Will the service work for location specific marketplaces?

We can provide ranking for any amazon marketplace, such as US, UK, DE, etc.

How many keywords per listing at a time?

In our experience, it is best to do one keyword per listing at a time. Once you are ranked for the first keyword, you can move onto the second keyword for that same listing.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We prefer to keep our services at a flat rate per keyword. The service price can be covered in just a couple days and is already very cheap!

What types of products does this cover?

We can rank for anything that is listed on amazon, this includes e-books, books, videos, etc.