Ranking With Amazon Bots: Don’t Do It!

April 26, 2017|by  brett.admin|no comments

As a Company that Abides by the Terms Of Service, We would never Recommend Using any sort of Fake Activity for Ranking

Get Your Priorities Straight!

Be honest, if you are in a serious business on Amazon, your seller account is your livelihood. You CANNOT take the risk of being blacklisted or suspended. As clearly stated in Amazon’s Terms of Service, you cannot use any tactics to manipulate the rankings on your listings.

Using bot traffic would be considered manipulating. And it is easily tracked by Amazon now. Sure, there is some guy out there with a million dollar bot that can rank any product like clockwork. You think they are giving that out? No, they are using it to bank with their own listings on Amazon.

What Do These Bots Do?

Even the very sophisticated bots created will be trumped by Amazon’s big data program. Generally you will make a bot that keeps creating accounts. Each account will be assigned a task to make the listings rank. Currently, Amazon is still cracking down on Chinese sellers which use bots to purchase their own products using a Super-URL. This is a URL that fools Amazon into thinking the product has been found by searching for a keyword.

These types of URLs have become less and less effective as time has went on by. Amazon has enough data to track when a keyword was searched for, and the purchase occurred. They can simply nullify the ranking power behind any Super-URL that is used.

The most common thing a bot can do is bulk list adding. The account that gets created adds the product to a wish-list, gift-list or cart. These types of engagements can make the listing show up as a potential HOT product, making it rank much better. This is where things get a little more dangerous, or so it seems. Many sellers using these services for bulk list adding, had their listings blocked/frozen. Amazon was apparently able to see an illegitimate amount of list adding with inferior accounts.

One of our clients has even encountered this in the past with a former ranking service. Not only was the listing frozen and unable to be reached, their seller account had been flagged. It wasn’t under review on the outside, but the seller’s other products were under much more scrutiny, as reviews were being removed and sales were often pending for a long time.